"Trying to educate players into thinking NOT assuming"

  ​"OK here goes...just because a boot doesn't come from one of the BIG 3 powerhouse manufacturers Adidas, Puma or Nike means that it is inferior, one simple reason could be less money was spent on marketing and player endorsements. After testing and reviewing many, many boots from many different manufacturers, I have come to the conclusion that most boots are really, really good with some marginal differences. Yes some do have extra technology designed to swerve, add power, let you turn a bit easier, run faster (the last one is perhaps open to conjecture) but I say try and test for yourself before believing all the hype! 

Once Upon A Time there was a time when you went to the shops to buy football boots and the selection available was somewhat small and underwhelming, as long as they had laces anything would do (especially for the parent paying). Over the years however and as profits soared companies began to provide much more choice. 

Players have also become a much more discerning bunch who demand much more performance and quality from their footwear, even the most ardent amateur player is trying to emulate the Messi's & Ronaldo's of this world with varying degrees of success.

Despite this revolution in football boot manufacturing and technology 

you would think that the number of manufacturers has actually decreased 

but this can really be put down to clever and very, very expensive marketing

with the world's top players being signed on a regular basis to promote the 

latest technology/colourway being launched this season by a very small bunch 

of manufacturers. 

Not only have these established manufacturers (you all 

know who they are!) been telling us their boots are the most technologically 

advanced but ultimately they tell us that's why the world's best players 

wear them, they won't however tell you how much the endorsements cost 

nor that its the player that maketh the boot not the other way around!

They have even started grading their boots to suit the Leisure player through to the Elite sportsman with an associated increase in price being paid for each leveled up pair. The days of seasonal launches for boots have gone with mid season offerings and upgrades designed to get players to buy. It ultimately comes down to PPP. So happy hunting as you go looking for the 'holy grail' in the football boot world. 

Good Luck as you will need it!"

The BOOTMAN 01/09/2017




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